• Recording and postproduction

    We record lectures, tutorials, workshops, conferences and various events. Processed recordings can then be used in Moodle.
  • Audiovisual creation

    We acquire documentary records that we cut into a representative form of video. We are also able to create an audio script and instructional video tutorials.
  • Virtual tour of CULS

    The Centre for Audiovisual Support creates virtual tours for CULS Prague, thereby making it possible to view the internal and external sites of the University.
  • Digitization and conversion

    We digitize old cassettes (MCs) and video cassettes (VHS) and convert video to various formats usable on websites and other production formats.
  • Time-lapse videos

    We record events in the longer term and create videos from them. A typical example is the capturing of the cosntruction of a building.
  • AV Consultation Activities

    We provide consultations, simple analyses and requirements in the domain of AV technology when designing new buildings, rebuilding lecture halls, etc.